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Garage Door Service in Xenia, OH

Here at Garage Door Repair of Xenia, OH our team is trained and ready to bring you expert care for all of your garage door service needs. It is our honor to work hard for our customers. We are here when you need quick, affordable, and honest garage door repair, maintenance, installation, and support.

Regular Maintenance Saves Time and Money

Let's face it. There is no good time for your garage door to suddenly stop working. When a door doesn’t work it makes you late for work, getting the kids to school and a host of other problems. Regular inspection and maintenance is the best defense for these events. 

Our technicians can take care of many problems before they leave you frustrated and stranded at home. We service all brands and models of garage doors. You deserve to be confident that when you push the button on your remote or control pad that your door will open and close the way it was designed. 

We Can Help Extend the Life of Your Door

Repair services are not the only thing we do. Your door opens and closes for you, several times a day. Regular inspection and maintenance will help ensure that your door will operate for you every day. It’s the best defense against costly and unexpected repairs.

Some parts of your garage door system are constantly under tension. As springs age, more of the weight of opening the door is transferred to the motor and drive cables. An annual inspection and our Lube and Tune service is a great way to eliminate unnecessary wear, extending the life of these parts.

What is Involved in Maintenance

We recommend an annual inspection of your garage door system. Lubricating the rollers, springs, panel hinges and drive cables helps prevent binding and extends the life of your system. Adjusting the electronics ensures that the motor and drive gears are not overloaded.

As the springs age, they carry less of the door’s weight. Broken springs are the main reason doors won’t open. Our experienced technicians can tell when the adjustment will no longer work, and it is time to replace springs before they break. This saves you the stress of being stranded and having to wait for a repair.

How Often Should My Garage Door Be Serviced

We recommend annual service and inspection of your garage door. Our professional technicians can spot and correct problem areas before a repair is needed. When we come out we check that:

  • Rollers are properly aligned in the rails.
  • The weather seal is in good condition. 
  • The safety sensors are clean and aligned.
  • The drive cable is properly tensioned.

Our technicians can come to your home today to inspect and service your garage door. They will leave you with peace of mind. You will know that your system will keep you and your family safe and secure. 

Call Us for Garage Door Service Today

Our uniformed technicians can spot problems before they leave you stranded. We service all brands, makes and models of garage doors. Be confident that when you push the button, your garage door will work every time.  We take pride in our work, and your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call our friendly phone staff to schedule an inspection and service with Garage Door Repair of Xenia, OH today. Or we can arrange a time that best fits your busy schedule. We are happy to come out, daytime, evening, even weekends.

Garage doors are our only business. It is what we love to do. 


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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Xenia please visit Garage Door Repair Xenia , OH